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The facility comprises an upper and lower hall, either or both available for rent.
Hall Photos
The Main (Upper) Hall can accommodate up to 240 people for an unlicensed event or 190 for a licensed event.  It has the versality of natural lighting from the expanse of windows on both sides, or you can close them with room darkening neutral curtains if it better suits your function. The floor is a hardwood surface of about 3,300 square feet. The main entrance, main hall, and washrooms are wheelchair accessible
The lower hall has about 1500 square feet of usable space and can accommodate a maximum of 102,  sufficient for smaller groups meetings or recreational activities. Folding dividers can be used to create up to four separate sections to accommodate small break-out discussion or meeting groups.  
Rectangular tables and stacking chairs are available at no extra cost. A small area with a cooler at the back of the hall serves as a bar. The stage area, screen, and PA system are included in the main hall rental. The stage can be accessed through a separate entrance. Folding dividers can close off the stage area if desired.  
Upper (Main Hall) Lower Hall
Contact Numbers Hall Rentals 780.460.7812
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View from Bar
View from Stage
From Front Entrance