Objectives & Bylaws Objectives The objectives of the Community League are as follows:   1. To provide for the recreation of SACL members and to promote an affordable opportunity for friendly and social activities 2. To acquire lands, by purchase or otherwise, erect or otherwise provide a building or buildings for social and community purposes. 3. To encourage and promote amateur games, exercises and activities. 4. To provide a meeting place for the consideration and discussion affecting the interests of the community 5. To acquire and provide the necessary equipment and furniture for carrying on its various objectives. 6. To encourage, foster, and develop among its members recognition of importance of community. 7. To sell, manage, lease, dispose of or deal with the property of the SACL des. Bylaws Since its inception in 1939, the St. Albert and District Community League has continuously adjusted its focus in order to meet the changing needs of both its members and the area residents.  Throughout this process, the fundamental concept of the League, to provide for the recreation of its members and to promote an affordable opportunity for friendly and social activities, has continued to be the dominant factor in adjusting to change. In March 2010 the Bylaws of were revised and updated to reflect the current and future directions of the League.   Objectives (pdf 12Kb) Bylaws 2010 (pdf 46Kb) 
St. Albert’s Original Gathering Place
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